Software and Supplementary Information for the paper

Rapid 3D Protein Structure Database Searching using Information Retrieval Techniques

Bioinformatics, 20(7):1045-1053, 2004

Zeyar Aung and Kian-Lee Tan

National University of Singapore


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Win32 version (14.5 MB),  UNIX version (17.2 MB).

Please kindly report bugs and feedback suggestions to Zeyar Aung (zeyarag A_T


Supplementary Information

Example of Inverted-file Index Construction (Figure S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5)

20 Queries on a small Database of 200 Proteins (Table S1 and S2)

108 Queries on a Large Database of 34,055 Proteins (Table S3, S4 and S5)